What's a dabbawala?

'Dabba': A box, e.g. a lunch box.

'Dabbawala': A person (in Mumbai, India) who delivers home-cooked lunch boxes to office workers.

'Dabbawalas Basel': We serve fresh home-cooked vegan and vegetarian indian food.

Dabbawalas Basel is inspired by the Dabbawalas food delivery system in Mumbai, India. There, every day almost 5,000 dabbawalas deliver around 200,000 lunch boxes from mostly private kitchens to work places all over the megacity.

The boxes are transported using bicycles, trains and on foot. Each box changes hands mutiple times before it arrives at it's final destination.

The dabbawalas are organized more like a collective than a traditional company, with each worker being also an owner of the service and receiving an equal share of the profits.

Learn more here or watch the following short video.

Our Food

The idea that vegetarian food is dull and has not much to it is still a widespread convention in large parts of the world. We strive to change that - starting from Basel - by preparing authentic spicy indian meals which are rich in flavours and ingredients. There are endless ways to cook vegetables, lentils and rice with a wide variety of spices, bringing out the best flavors and fragrance of the food, which can make our mouth watery and stomach hungry. Dabbawalas stand with the idea that vegetarian and vegan food is a healthier alternative to meat and also environmentally friendly.

We pick fresh vegetables, where possible, and cook freshly every day. Freshly prepared food has a significant importance in Indian culture, wherein the food prepared in the morning is not consumed in the night.